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GoGarnet HMS

We have invested in your growth! Our Hotel Management Solution (HMS) combines our management experience with our technology and branding tools, with which you can deliver enriching, affordable guest experiences while ensuring strong and sustainable financial growth.

GoGarnet PMS

As we also manage properties ourselves, We developed a Property Management System (PMS) which has a booking engine along with revenue and review management. It also seamlessly integrates the front desk and the back office operations. This helps hotels maximize profit with ease of operations so you can focus on your guests and staff!

Branding BY GoGarnet

Right from website design to social media marketing we can design and develop a lasting digital footprint for you in the hospitality landscape.

GoGarnet HAWK

Ensure the 24/7 safety and security of your locations with the GoGarnet HAWK hotel surveillance system and AI video analytics for hospitality.


Outsource your guest sales/support queries to our 24/7 Omnichannel offshore team.

GoGarnet Payroll & Bookkeeping

We provide legal, tax, and accounting support to companies to ensure that employees receive their paychecks on a timely and accurate manner.

Revenue Management

Equiped with a Chanel Manager, Booking Engine and Rate Manager we ensure your hotel gets the guests from OTAs, GDS, Website and Coorporates.

Revenue Loss Management

A service which checks for leakages in the process. Right from reconciliation between OTA and PMS, to Guest calls not being answered, to reviewing Chargebacks, to Night Audits - We got you covered!

Proactive Review System

Every hotel strives for a better guest experience. However, in the absence of the right technology and resources, one fails to capture and address the concerns of the guests. Leading to low review scores.

About Us

A committed group of people with experiences in hospitality, technology, financial services, operations, sales, and marketing industries. We help our partners scale their businesses in an interdisciplinary manner. Where all functions of the hotel seamlessly integrate with each other. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help them manage simple/complex repetitive tasks so that they can focus on their guests and staff.

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